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Unreasonable DMCA takedown (DMCA counter notice)

Napisano: 27-10-2020


I am the author of musescore-downloader (, Github

There was a DMCA notice early today (2020-10-26) related to my script,, which was dismissed by a GreasyFork moderator about 9am EDT.

To my understanding, "dismissed" means it refused further hearing to this case (because lack of evidence or something else).
I cannot understand why script is still taken down by GreasyFork later.

Back to the contents Maxim sent to GreasyFork,
he stated that I "[have] not responded or complied with this request", which is not true.
Actually we had a whole bunch of long discussions on Github (, archive).

It came out that MuseScore does not hold the copyrighted things (, and MuseScore cannot sent a notice on behalf of any "copyright holders".

MuseScore stopped commenting on Github after accepting failure.

Could anyone help put the script back up?

Napisano: 27-10-2020
No, it's not going to come back.
Napisano: 27-10-2020
Edytowano: 27-10-2020

2020-10-26 22:38

User 'JasonBarnabe' on Greasy Fork has sent you a message.

I independently received a DMCA notice. Unfortunately I don't have the resources for a legal battle and I'm not willing to risk having the whole site taken down over this.

Can a random person (i.e. the complaining party does not really have the copyright) send a random notice, asking you to take all scripts on GreasyFork down?

If you don't have a overview of how DMCA works, here is DMCA Notices In a Nutshell (by Github)

Napisano: 27-10-2020

Repeat my questions in the personal chat with JasonBarnabe

Could you post the DMCA notice you independently received to the public?
And how can he contact you or any GreasyFork Mod independently?

Which mod dismissed the notice?

Is it illicit to privately proceed an already refused notice?
I just hate doing things clandestinely.


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