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Not working after last Ikariam update

About: Empire Overview
December 2018 aangepast in Scriptdiscussies Chrome

The script is no longer working properly. The bugs are:

  • it doesn't iterate over the cities when pressing the numbers, you need to refresh the whole webpage. And once done, it gets locked on the city that was selected before refreshing the website
  • it only takes the data from a city when refreshing the whole webpage on that city
  • it doesn't gathers the data from the gold stock, nor from the research advisor (for the 4 research fields), nor from the academy (for the number of researchers), nor from the troops tab in the city, and in general anything that is not directly accesible when refreshing the website

I was using until now an older version, so there might be a few more things, but it's hard to try them without it working. I'll try everything as soon as there is a working version.

Besides, there is a new building socket in the new Ikariam version that is not shown.

I hope it will be fixed soon! I love the script and have been using it for years :)


  • Sorry, I have a mistake in the review: the new building socket is actually detected, but the total number of free sockets displayed is not correct. It says "-2" when it should say "1".

    By the way, I can also help with translation to Spanish, I've see many buildings are not translated.

  • There's a new game version 7.10.0 out today which seems to have broken a lot of things with the script, probably due to adding another building space to the game.

    Germano, the creator of this version of the script, is currently in vacation mode in-game so I don't have a way to get in touch with him. But he did give permission for others to post their own updates based on what has already been done. My scripting skills aren't good enough to figure out the problem, but anyone who is up to the task can post a fix.

  • If you are willing to edit the script yourself, here's the fix, provided to me by panos78. Many thanks to him!

    First, in line 963 change the:
    this._buildings = new Array(19);


    this._buildings = new Array(20);

    and second, in line 1349 change:

    var i = 17 + database.getGlobalData.getResearchTopicLevel(Constant.Research.Economy.BUREACRACY) + database.getGlobalData.getResearchTopicLevel(Constant.Research.Seafaring.PIRACY);


    var i = 18 + database.getGlobalData.getResearchTopicLevel(Constant.Research.Economy.BUREACRACY) + database.getGlobalData.getResearchTopicLevel(Constant.Research.Seafaring.PIRACY);

    With these two changes everything back to normal!

  • December 2018 aangepast Chrome

    Thank you very much!! And for panos78 as well! :smiley: :smiley:
    It's fully working again now :smile:

    I knew it was due to the new version and the building space added in it, but my scripting skills aren't good enough either to figure out the problem, specially considering it's a 10k lines script that I have never fully been through. I've fixed small things locally in the previous version I was using until yesterday (the are already fixed in this version but I didn't know about it), so I know a little bit of the script, but by far not enough.

    BTW, I finished the translation to Spanish, which was half done (specially regarding the troops names and some of the lines in the options tab). Is there a way I could post them, so that other people using the script in Spanish could have them? If so, how?

    Thanks again for your help :)

  • For the Spanish, I'd suggest you start a new discussion thread for it, and then post the lines of code for lines 6164-6442. Then people can copy and paste what you've posted. Click the format button and select "code" to make things a little more readable as in my post above. Hope that helps.

  • Ok thanks! I just did it :smile:

  • After edit it works fine

  • @fire4o said:
    After edit it works fine

    But the only problem after this code edit is that the script is not right calculating the price of the buildings

  • @fire4o dijo:

    @fire4o said:
    After edit it works fine

    But the only problem after this code edit is that the script is not right calculating the price of the buildings

    It is working for me... Did you pass through the 4 research fields in the research advisor, and through the palace?

  • yep.. its ok now

  • Thanx. Good works against

  • Did you say that you used the old version? What year and where can I download it?

  • @lindagriffithh dijo:
    Did you say that you used the old version? What year and where can I download it?

    The old version is from 2014, but it doesn't work any more.

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