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Anthony Kleine

As of 05/11/2014 , I am terminating my account at Greasy Fork. I will be deleting my scripts, and over the course of the next three days, all of my scripts *will not function* , including the following.

-YouTube Watch R Rated Videos
-Bandcamp Downloader
-MyFonts Downloader
-No Suggestions, I'm Good
-Very Very Dark Gray Youtube by Panos, modified by Sonic0170
-Audio Network Downloader
-CNET Always Direct Downloader
-Geocaching Free Premium
-MP3 and Brawl Custom Music
-dA No Image Dragging
-YouTube Playlist Autoplay Remember
-MyNoise Free Premium
-YouTube RSS Feed Button
-Design Mode
-dA All GIFs are Las
-Ezone is Awesome
-YouWorkForThem Experimental Fonts Downloader

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