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MyAnimeList Score Hider

MAL scores may be a good indicator, but the nitty-gritty stuff is cancerous. Reduce the meaningless score to something easy to understand.

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Do you love Chinese cartoons?

Are you just a simple man, looking for a show to watch?

Have you discovered MAL, used it for a few months and realised that while MAL scores may be sort of useful, the people voting stuff are retards?

Well, good sir, this script is perfect for you!

This script reduces the meaningless score into something easy to understand.

None of this "This show is a 7.6, so it doesn't outrank this 8.4" bullshit, they now both classify as "Gud" - a must-watch.

Make your visit to MAL a lot more pleasurable.

All that's left is a script that hides cancerous reviews...

Oh, wait! Want to see the actual score? No problemo! Just click the verdict and hey presto, the score is there!

Still here? Haven't installed this script and had a good time yet? Curious as to what this script does, but can't read JS to save your life? Well, I'm here for that too! because I've got nothing else to do with my life...

This script runs when you open a MAL anime page, takes the score of the show, and reduces it to a simple, easy-to-understand verdict.

The current verdicts are as follows (feel free to edit them to suit your shit taste your liking):

  • A score of 7+ would warrant a "Gud"
  • A score of 5+ would warrant a "Meh"
  • A score lower than 4 would warrant a "Bad" (considering changing this to "Nah" to fit the vague verdicts above)

You, the Chinese-cartoon-enthusiast would then be able to form a simple verdict of "Watch" or "Pass", given this highly-detailed information.

I think that covers the essentials. I'll add more information here if I remember.

Problems, bugs and other crap should be reported to my super-safe, super-secure email at, or just post it here and I'll check it one day.