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Title Manager

Manage page titles per (sub)domain. On any website, click Greasemonkey > User Script Commands > Title Manager's menu.

Dette er versjoner av dette scriptet hvor koden ble oppdatert. Vis alle versjoner.

  • v1.2.0.20140927 27.09.2014 Build 5, version 1.2.0: switched to document.title; switched from keyboard shortcuts to Greasemonkey>UserScriptCommands>TitleManager'sMenu
  • v1.0.20140321.4 21.03.2014 Changed menu appearance; added "Prepare for export" button; minor tweaks
  • v1.0.20140317.3 17.03.2014 Build 3: added Shift-1-2; added close button on menu; wider input fields; added removal of white space around titles
  • v1.0.20140314 14.03.2014 Fixed name back to"Title Manager". Many "diffs" were page updates, not script updates...
  • v1.0.20140314 14.03.2014 Improvements in code logic. Added QuickMenu open/close switch. Added item sorting.
  • v1.0.20140312 12.03.2014