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Instagram Reloaded

View or download the full-size Instagram image/video. Super simple: press alt+f or shift & click to view media - alt & click saves file. Read for more options.

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Instagram Reloaded

Wanna see the full-sized image or video source on Instagram and be able to download it? This script has multiple options to open & view those items. Easy usage, read below for instructions.


  • IG changed output for logged in users, script works best when in private mode/logged out
  • at the moment, videos are NOT working when logged in
  • multiple videos in carousels currently not supported


  1. Gets the correct full-sized image (nothing cropped) in maximum resolution.
  2. Opens full size image from single image pop-up, single-image page or embedded posts.
  3. Opens video file on single-video page or from video popup.
  4. Files can be saved directly in Chrome or from browser window in Firefox.
  5. Quick access with the keyboard shortcut alt+f (see options).
  6. Instagram pages stay the same, no modifications to the code and functions.


Info: all files open in new window

press alt+f:

  • on single item page to open photo or video
  • on video overlay (e.g. from main or profile feed) to open video
  • REMOVED BY INSTAGRAM: on main instagram feed to open all items (use with care!)
  • REMOVED BY INSTAGRAM: on profile feed to open all items (use with care!)


hold shift-key and (left-)click on item:

  • on single item page to open photo
  • on profile feed to open photo
  • on video overlay to open video
  • on main instagram feed to open photo or video
  • on embedded item to open photo

Note for Firefox users: media opens in same window with alt-key + click


Chrome: instead of the shift key, press alt & click on the item to save the file directly. Firefox: due to the browser restrictions it's not possible to download the files directly.


...are very appreciated :)


see changelog on the history tab on v2.26 2019-10-27 - again another trick by instagram to hide videos for logged in users. doh! v2.25 2019-10-20 - fixed a problem with Chrome (note: alt+f on carousel not accurate) v2.23/24 2019-10 - add back support for single (popup) videos. carousel still not possible v2.22 2019-09-14 - support for igtv single view or popup: trigger only working with alt+f keyboard combo. v2.16-2.21 2019-09-14 - adjusted triggers to match instagram html code changes v2.15 2018-08-28 - fix: jQuery compatibility v2.15 2018-04-05 - fix: Instagram restricted queries. Changed download behaviour for Chrome users. v2.12 2016-07-09 - fix: Chrome was incompatible. Thanks to HH for the info. v2.1 2016-07-02 - fix: code changes, script should work again. more coming soon. v2.0 2016-06-05 - Chrome: added direct download option (alt+click on item), fixed keyboard bug. Renamed the script. v1.9 2016-06-01 - Instagram changed their code/api on June 1st: updated script to match everything again plus more options. v1.8 2016-03-15 - added support for embedded photos. ~1.7 2016-02-28 - shift key + click opens in new window. alt key + click opens in the same window. plus some code cleanup. v1.7 2016-02-22 - open directly using keyboard shortcut alt+f on single photo/video pages. v1.6 2016-02-10 - removed the new query string added by Instagram so you are able to save the file immediately. v1.5 2015-12-20 - added shift click support on video popup. v1.4 2015-12-19 - per request: added video support on single page view. v1.3 2015-12-14 - added support for the feed on the main page. v1.2 2015-12-13 - updated to match new Instagram parameters. v1.1 2015-12-12 - even strange image resolutions are now recognized and shown in full size. v1.0 2015-12-10 - first release.