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Autokey helper script - nitro type bot was reported 06.02.2023 for Undisclosed antifeature (e.g. ad, tracking, miner, etc.)

The reporter said:

Rewrites user's clipboard (this feature wasn't mentioned), site doesn't provide any useful functionality or data for user-script and also, it isn't author's homepage (like Discord, GitHub etc.), which means, this site is ads.

Ginfio said:
I've added the "@antifeature miner" to fix the issue. The script copies the text from the race page onto the user's clipboard. The script works in cooperation with the nitro type auto typer Autokey ( The auto typer will then get the copied text and automatically type it out on nitro type - nitro tpye auto typer.

Ginfio (the reported user) has made:

This report has been upheld by a moderator.