The Whole point of DL'ing thrue script

About: SoundTake - SoundCloud Downloader

The whole point for me to DL with script is to get RID of Ad's, not Allowing this - Allowing that.
Then waiting 5 sec. on 'AdFly' (... Realy? U serious? ...) to skip Ad? Which Ad? hvnt seen 1 the only time I was waiting for it to show up? (Weird, maybe me? XD HellNo)
And to Top It Off!
The file I DL'ed in my folders was just TOO quick yelling, READY! - because it was 0kbps... IT DIDN't WORK.
I'm sorry, I envy your skills, cuz I can't code yet.
But when I will drop MY first script, it'll be something that works.
Cut the Ads, Just Frequency(kHz)-Option up to 48K minimum, 320kbps-option minimum, Maybe even throw in a rule so it is normalised all the same when It enteres your folders. (That is 1 USP Hardly ANYONE incorporates :open_mouth: ) (Ull be almost the 1st and I'dLOVE to test it then :$
Keep up the good-part work ;-)

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