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you can use

let elementClassName=`[width="184"] [style^='background-image: url("']`;

instead of let elementClassName="*constantly changing class*";

i also made some more changes:

// @grant        GM_addStyle
// ==/UserScript==
'use strict';

GM_addStyle(`[width="184"] [style^='background-image: url("'] { background-size: contain !important; }`);

    let array = document.querySelectorAll(`[width="184"] [style^='background-image: url("']:not(.changed)`);
    for (let i = array.length; i--;) {
        array[i].style.backgroundImage = array[i].style.backgroundImage.replace(/\d{3}x\d{3}_.+?\//, '240x240/').replace('square1200', 'master1200');
}, 500);


  • Your suggestion looks very nice.👍 I'll test your script for something problems. If there is no problems, I'll merge your script into this script and will write your name on Credits with special thank. Thank you!

  • Your suggestion has merged. You can see it in the script page.

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