About: [KissAnime] AutoPlay & Auto Next Episode

I have auto-next episode working on RapidVideo thanks to your script however, even with the autoplay box checked it does not seem to autoplay rapidvideo links. Am I missing something? Chrome and violentmonkey btw.


  • redigerte June 2018 Firefox

    I rarely use Chrome to watch anime so I didn't realise the script stopped working there. Indeed the autoplay option doesn't work on neither Violentmonkey nor Tampermonkey on Chrome. I'll update the script to fix that

    Update: After some investigation, I found that stupid chrome 66 disabled autoplay in iframes as a "security feature". Probably a major script rewrite is needed.

    Update: I uploaded a new version that hopefully allows autoplaying in Chrome.

  • Same issue here with Chrome, but it did work just fine for a day or so first.

    Plz fix.

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