Greasemonkey BETA : How make my old script work with it ?

I try to make my script work with the new Greasemonkey beta:

I try :
// TEST GREASEMONKEY BETA // @grant GM.addStyle // @grant GM.getResourceText

but it's not sufficient....


  • Currently there's no native support for GM.addStyle & GM.getResourceText:
  • redigerte November 2017 Waterfox
    Ha, thanks, another good news.....

    Any other solution to sort this table (other than stay with Waterfox) ?

    PS: :smile:
    Found it work with Tampermonkey (firefox addon).
    But i am interesting to have something more powerful than my script to sort Userstyles's Tables.
  • redigerte November 2017 Firefox
    An addStyle() function is easy to make yourself (f.ex. take a look
    Actually I have never found out what getResourceText() does (or did). But even though I don't know, I find it hard to believe it should be absolutely needed for a "table sorter" script. But then again, I don't really know or what tables we are talking about. So...
  • redigerte November 2017 Waterfox
    Thanks for the help... provide Userstyles which permit to tweak website by customize their CSS...
    It's like Greasyfork, but for appearance.

    I have drop an eye on your library, but i am not coder :smile: Can you provide some examples how to use it ?
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