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Should there be some kind of anti-spam mechanism other than reporting? 举报之外,是否应该有某种反垃圾机制?

Posted: 23.10.2022

Ten minutes ago, I received an email notification:

Your little helper for mutual aid of scripts and literature: ① Duxiu PDF one-click download ② Library Alliance, Duxiu, Chaoxing, China-US Million Display SSID and other call numbers ③ Mutual visit links between various document sites, book e-commerce sites and Douban ④ One-click copying of metadata was reported to violate Greasy Fork's rules. The reason given is: Illegal Content You can review this report and submit a rebuttal. If you do not submit a rebuttal, your script will be removed by the reviewers.

You received this notification because a script you submitted to Greasy Fork received a report. You can manage this notification option.

It's really inexplicable, this kind of report without even explaining the reason, if the script author is on vacation and does not see the notice, the script that he worked hard to create will be deleted?

Scripts usually have some hacking behavior. If they have to be reviewed according to legal provisions, most of the top dozens of scripts on this site will be deleted, right?

Can the management team think of a way to restrict malicious reports and comments, for example, newly registered users are not allowed to comment or report for a certain period of time, malicious reports are directly banned, and the IP of the computer room is added to the risk control list?



您的脚本文献互助小帮手:①读秀PDF一键下载 ②图书馆联盟、读秀、超星、中美百万显示SSID等索书号 ③各文献站、图书电商站与豆瓣的互访链接 ④一键复制元数据 被报告违反了Greasy Fork的规则。给出的理由是:违法内容您可以审核此举报并提交反驳。如果您不提交反驳,您的脚本将被审核员删除。

你收到了该则通知,因为你提交到 Greasy Fork 的一个脚本收到了一则举报。你可以管理该通知选项。




Posted: 23.10.2022
Edited: 23.10.2022

"The reason given is: Illegal Content"
That explains the reason for it and was in your email, the detailed part of the report can be seen when you open the link.

The script is only hidden right after it's reported, it might only be deleted after 3 days and when a mod has time to review everything, so it might take more than 3 days for the review to happen, and when it's reviewed it might not necessarily be deleted.

Deleted scripts are still available for the author, the code isn't permanently gone for the author after the script is deleted.

All scripts are some sort of hacking, it's okay to create hacking scripts, but if we get a legal DMCA notice, or some sort of legal notice from the website representatives then we delete it otherwise as long as it follows GF rules the script won't ever be deleted.

That's an interesting idea, but only the website admin can consider adding that feature, also users have to be able to report scripts so it's hard to have a method where they can't create reports, unless it's for a few hours or days if they just created an account. I suppose this would be okay, but isn't up to me to decide that.

Posted: 23.10.2022

In my case, I received a private message before and was advised to delete some descriptions and functions in the script, because this would affect some other script authors to make profits. Considering that some people are making money from selling ebooks through scripts on greasyfork, I created and updated the scripts without mentioning some of the new features prominently, but this doesn't seem to stop some people from maliciously commenting or reporting.

The reason why I raised this issue is because this report did not provide any detailed description, but only selected the option of "illegal content", and then the script author received a email, being told that if he does nothing, the script will be deleted, which makes me feel like the creation is not respected. If the script is only likely to be removed, perhaps the email notification could be more carefully worded, such as "If you don't submit a rebuttal, your script will be removed by a reviewer" would be misleading.

It is common that new users post advertisements on greyfork. I have noticed that many audit records of administrators are for spam behaviors of new users. I think it is necessary for the management team to take some technical measures to reduce advertisements, spam, malicious comments and malicious reports.


我之所以提这个issue,就是因为这个举报 并没有提供任何细节描述,而仅仅选择了“非法内容”这个option,然后脚本作者收到一封邮件,被告知如果他什么都不做,脚本会被删除,这让我感觉创作并不被尊重。如果脚本只是可能被删除,或许邮件通知中可以更谨慎地措辞,比如“如果您不提交反驳,您的脚本将被审核员删除”就有误导性。


Posted: 24.10.2022

A couple corrections to what @hacker09 said above:

  1. The script is only hidden from a report if the person making the report has a good history of making true reports. Otherwise, the script remains visible to all until the report is handled.
  2. Depending on the type of report, the script may be handled immediately by moderators (e.g. illegal content will be looked at immediately).

Now, a couple comments on what you said:

If you do not submit a rebuttal, your script will be removed by the reviewers.

This is not what the English text says. It says "If you do not submit a rebuttal, your script may be deleted by moderators.". This may be a translation issue - if you think there is more appropriate text to use, please suggest it at

So basically, if a report comes in and the author does not comment on it, then the moderator will have to decide based on what the reporter has said. A lot of reports are untrue, or don't contain enough information, so they are dismissed even if the author does not respond.

If the script is deleted and the author doesn't notice until afterwards, they can submit an appeal to have their script undeleted.

Finally, the concept of user scripts is not illegal. The types of scripts that are generally deleted due to "illegal content" are those whose intention are to make a site crash.

Posted: 24.10.2022

I didnt' realize it's a translation problem, the mechanism you described is much better than I thought, thank you. Spam and malicious comments hurt the community, maybe gf could have more methods to reduce it.

I just submit 3 Chinese translation suggestion, hope it helps.

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