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Google Infinite 스크롤 (+ 사이트 아이콘)

무제한 검색 결과 스크롤 및 사이트 아이콘을 함께 표시하는 Google 검색 향상 도구.

< Google Infinite 스크롤 (+ 사이트 아이콘) 피드백

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작성: 2022-04-21

I like that the favicons are fitted into the url but it only works on chromium browsers. In Firefox those icons are just moved down and aside and it looks strange. Please fix it for firefox.

작성: 2022-04-22

I never tested this script on Firefox. Okay Ill try to test today.
thanks for letting me know!

작성: 2022-04-23

fixed the issue with modifying CSS

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