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Perpetual pages. Auto loading next pages and inserting into current page.

Rules example

Pagetual Wiki

MOST COMPATIBLE and STRONGEST Auto Pager script ever :) Just give it a try

Auto loading paginated web pages for 90% of all sites like google, forum sites, manga sites and others WITHOUT ANY RULES.

You can also configure your own rules for any site on config page easily.

Click to import base rules link, or update the rule on config page.

【⚙Config page】 【🔧Config page backup(for restricted environment)


Test with:

  • Greasemonkey on Waterfox
  • Violentmonkey on Firefox
  • Tampermonkey on Chrome
  • Userscripts on ios Safari
  • KiWiBrowser on Android

Compared with the Super-preloader of Ywzhaiqi, AutoPagerize and other software, Pagetual's biggest feature is that it can be compatible with 90% of the websites on the Internet without rules, and it is completely self-driven.
Finding the next page (based on the Picviewer CE+ I wrote), finding the main frame (based on the novel downloader I wrote), and finding the insertion point are all done automatically.
Naturally, it also avoids the trouble of chasing new ones caused by domain updates or website revisions.

As for the remaining 10%, Pagetual has built-in rules for 3,800 websites in wedata, and will continue to add new rules.

The Pagetual also has powerful custom rules, and supports custom rule LINK IMPORT and rule HOT UPDATE in two formats (wedata format and Pagetual format).

❤️Buy me a coffee if it helps you with PayPal.Me or Ko-fi


Inspiration: AutoPagerize - InfyScroll - AutoPager - Super preloaderPlus one