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작성: 2022-07-22

This script is really nice! The only issue I've encountered is that it makes the "cards panel"^ icon impossible to click, since the top bar covers the button when I try to click it. I "fixed" it by adding a top margin to the button, but there's probably a more graceful solution. Just letting you know :)

Thanks for the script!

^ the round "i" button in the top right corner of videos with this function enables, for example: V_Kr9OSfDeU, the class of the button is .ytp-cards-button-ico

작성: 2022-07-23

I can't think about more graceful solution other than give top margin for the button yet.
So I added a line for the fix the problem. Thanks for the feedback :)

작성: 2022-07-23

Thank you @ndaesik, enjoy your weekend!

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