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Telegram Media Downloader

Download images, GIFs, videos, and voice messages on the Telegram webapp from private channels that disable downloading and restrict saving content

コードが変更されたバージョンのみを表示しています。 すべてのバージョンを表示

  • v1.201 2024/06/10

    Update icons

  • v1.200 2024/06/04

    Add Feature: Download Stories

  • v1.107 2024/05/23

    Update icons in /k/ webapp

  • v1.106 2024/05/06

    Fix buttons on /k/ app

  • v1.105 2024/05/06

    Update download button icon on /k/ webapp.

  • v1.104 2024/02/01

    Bump version (no change)

  • v1.103 2024/01/31

    Bug fixes

  • v1.103 2024/01/31

    Fix audio download button icon

  • v1.102 2024/01/19

    Improve progress bar UI on light mode

  • v1.101 2024/01/14

    Fix button icons on /k/ Telegram webapp

  • v1.100 2024/01/06

    Update description in zh:CN

  • v1.100 2024/01/06

    Update name in zh:CN

  • v1.100 2024/01/05

    Revert version number

  • v1.1.0 2024/01/05

    Reformat the version number. No code change.

  • v1.100 2024/01/05

    Version 1.1 add progress bar for videos so that you can check the download progress easily for large videos.

    - Add progress bar UI for videos downloading
    - Adopt a new hash algorithm for generating deterministic file names

  • v1.061 2024/01/01

    - Allow users to select download location and filename before starting downloading
    - Bug fixes

  • v1.053 2023/11/09

    Update description wording

  • v1.052 2023/11/09

    Update description wording

  • v1.051 2023/10/01

    Same code as v1.05, but with correct changelog here.

    v1.05 adds support for downloading audio messages. Special thanks to @EuropaYou and @Levosilimo for contribution on this feature.

  • v1.05 2023/10/01 Imported from URL
  • v1.043 2023/09/09

    Fix a problem that caused the script to download incorrect partial media files in case of network failure

  • v1.042 2023/09/09

    Fix a problem on version /k/ related to voice message downloading

  • v1.041 2023/09/08

    Fix an issue on /k/ webapp which causes the download button to disappear

  • v1.031 2023/08/23

    Fix script on Firefox

  • v1.03 2023/08/22

    Add support for voice messages

  • v1.02 2023/06/11

    Update description and add Chineses localized version description.

  • v1.01 2023/06/08

    Update tag line description

  • v1.0 2023/06/07

    v1.0 updates the functionality and supports A version Telegram Webapp (previously only support K version).


    • Support A version Telegram Webapp
    • Update download button icon to unify with the official download button
    • Place the download button on the topbar for images and GIFs to avoid cover content
  • v0.3 2023/05/15

    - Added HTTP GIF support
    - Extract original filename from url

  • v0.2 2022/06/11