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4chan Archive Image Downloader

4chan archive thread image downloader for general use across many foolfuuka based imageboards. Downloads all images individually in a thread with original filenames (by default). Optional thread API button, for development purposes.

コードが変更されたバージョンのみを表示しています。 すべてのバージョンを表示

  • v1.4.2 2024/01/30

    Added a new preference for archive filenames that is considered if original filenames are not being kept.

  • v1.4.1 2024/01/26
  • v1.4.1 2024/01/25

    Added and to matching sites.

  • v1.4 2024/01/25

    User pointed out script was not working on some sites (not downloading images) due to oversight. This has been fixed in this update. As well, a new variable in user preferences has been added concerning downloading named poster's files with option to include poster's name in the beginning of the file. Code is cleaner overall for adding images to the array of images to be downloaded.

  • v1.3.1 2024/01/23

    Script if statements are cleaner when taking user preferences into account.

  • v1.3 2024/01/23

    Added a new variable in user preferences "named_poster_media_download_only" which allows for the downloading of images for users who NOT anonymous (named posters ONLY) per user request.

  • v1.2 2022/02/19
  • v1.2 2022/02/18

    Added a download limit option in user preferences that allows the user to set the rate at which images are downloaded in intervals (or rather delays between downloads) of which the download limit equaling zero is continuous downloading. This is in effect to allow users some time to exit the window if they didn't mean to download (accidental) or would like to save CPU power as some threads have bigger amounts of data in images.

  • v1.1 2022/02/18

    Added an option to user preferences to change if the user wants to confirm their downloads or not.

  • v1.0 2022/02/18