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投稿日: 2022/11/25

It looks so good, but please leave the big comment section below the video.
There is no reason to hide it.
I need it if I want to read tons of comments.
But I also want to be able to read comments while watching the video.
Both and it would be perfect.

投稿日: 2022/11/26

what do you means the big comment section?

In the latest layout, the below section is description only.
For this userscript, you cannot scroll the video to the top. How can you read the below information?

投稿日: 2022/11/26
編集日: 2022/11/26

The original comments are moved inside the tab. They would not display below the video!

投稿日: 2022/11/26

Sorry for the incomprehensibility
I meant if it is possible to leave the default comment area under the video there and then optionally in the right column as well.

If i want to read a lot of comments, i need the default comment area because it is much wider and bigger.

投稿日: 2022/12/03

Hi. A new feature is added to allow users to expand the tab container.

Please update to v3.10.4

Switch to the tab you will see the button.
After a while it will disappear if you don't want to click it.
It stays there so if you want to click it, move your cursor to the top right corner.