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Custom Native HTML5 Player with Shortcuts

Custom html5 player with shortcuts and videos with audio

コードが変更されたバージョンのみを表示しています。 すべてのバージョンを表示

  • v1.5 2020/12/24 Lose log.
  • v1.4 2020/12/24 Tweak event handling and XHR API syntax for Violentmonkey/Greasemonkey compatibility.
  • v1.3 2020/12/09 typo
  • v1.2 2020/12/09 Switch to XHR API for testing Reddit audio. Tweak icons, and inject style manually.
  • v1.1 2020/11/08 Fix Firefox Imagus default controls conflict
  • v1.0 2020/10/24 Fuck auto-indent.
  • v0.9 2020/10/24 Fix reddit audio.. again.
  • v0.8 2020/07/30 Account for Imagus' 'Enter' shortcut to sticky videos
  • v0.7 2020/07/07 Unnecessary variable left over from alternative approach
  • v0.6 2020/07/07 Account for reddit audio URL fuckery
  • v0.5 2020/06/15 Copypasta separate percentage variable is unnecessary here
  • v0.4 2020/06/15 Fix time tooltip text initialization before mousemove when values are ready
  • v0.3 2020/06/11 Apparently, observing attribute changes was intentional, and necessary in some cases.
  • v0.2 2020/06/09 Minor improvements and syntax cleanup
  • v0.1 2020/06/05