videoplayback.txt, Failed - Server problem

About: Download YouTube Videos as MP4
Thanks for the script, it's pretty amazing. I'm wondering if this glitch is just me... on some videos, when I try to download, instead of a file, in Chrome's download bar I get "videoplayback.txt, Failed - Server problem". Here's one that's doing it:

Is this just me?


  • This is happening all the time when I try to download mp4 videos on It gives me the videoplayback error on Chrome, does nothing on Firefox and I don't even wan to talk about IE.
  • have this message popping out lately.. need a solution or explanation plz
  • Yup, same here unfortunately :/ haven't been able to use updated script in two/three moths because of this. Any chance there will be fix for this?
  • Most likely, your problem is limited to a small percentage of users who are getting some different code from YouTube and the script can't handle it properly. YouTube tests various interface changes and even more tiny code changes that sometimes affect scripts like this one.

    There are 2 things you can do:

    1. to help me find the problem, send some debug info:

    It would also be helpful to install the Edit this Cookie extension: , then open in a new tab, click the yellow cookie icon next to the address bar and copy the value of the VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie.

    2. to fix your issue, clear cookies for in the browser's settings. If you're using Edit This Cookie, you can quickly delete the VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie.
  • ok, just reinstalled the script and it is working now :) sry & thanks for great script
  • oh, meanwhile I've signed-off and on again, that might helped as well (cleaning cookies as you write above). Thanks again
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