Bot still not working: Not at hunters camp

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06/03編集されました カテゴリ: スクリプトのフィードバック Chrome

Anyone else still has issues with the bot? Mine still says Not at Camp Page even after I reinstalled the script. This happens after bot tries to sound the horn. Timer goes to zero then it displays Not at Camp Page


  • Mine is still not working >.<
    Can anyone help ?

  • 06/03編集されました Chrome

    Are you using the Freshcoat layout? You can also try re-installing Tampermonkey. Please provide the browser and script plug-in you are using if you are still having issues.

  • 06/03編集されました Chrome

    Using google chrome canary with tampermonkey. I have tried to remove and add back the tampermonkey extension to no avail. What's the freshcoat layout?

  • Freshcoat is the new UI for Mousehunt. In the game, go to settings > Game Settings tab, Turn on "Use new navigation button style".

  • It works like a charm! Thank you. The problem is I'm still using old UI. Now it's fixed. Thanks

  • Ah ok will try it out and let you know! Thanks so much for your help thus far

  • Yes its working now. Thanks again for your help!

  • Great news! Happy hunting :)