Conflict between YouTube Videos as MP4 and internet download manager.

About: Download YouTube Videos as MP4
Good script but currently not work properly with internet download manager (IDM) installed. If you browse any youtube videos with Download YouTube Videos as MP4 installed this automatically run/start IDM with multiple downloads windows.

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  • That's a poorly written software. It's obviously a IDM bug, so I don't have what to fix.

    What happens is that my extension uses HEAD requests to find the file sizes of the video files, so you can see something like MP4 720p (35.9 MB). IDM treats them like GET requests and shows download dialogs.
  • You can disable the capture downloads feature in IDM Options, at least for Firefox.
  • ganttは言いました:

    You can disable the capture downloads feature in IDM Options, at least for Firefox.

    Disabling the capture downloads not fix the problem, via email i will report this issue to IDM developer.

    Thanks for your help.

  • pefff... IDM is poorly written software and hise developer is arrogant ... He said: "Then it is not IDM problem. You need to uninstall this script".
  • there's other way to link idm and that plugin... what i do is i get the 'flashgot mass downloader'.. when u click 'download' button for example in youtube, flashgot will popup.. chose open via IDm.. remember to tick the box that says or sound like 'choose this automatically for future option'...and that's it.. been using this technique for a while now..
  • I think the most way to solve IDM bug is to uninstall and restall, if still can not work, just try IDM YouTube Downloader Alternative, just like me, IDM always shows "error" although I found the video was 100%, I do not know why so I directly another free program more options for us
  • IDM is an old soft, there are a lot of new download managers that are updating regularry. (But sometimes an old version is better, because it has some free funktions, and the new one doesnt).
    Look at the comparison and choose:

    Also compare the YouTube downloaders here
    I use a lot two of them, 4kdownload and Free Studio. They are ok.
    Free Studio is not a downloader, it is the package of software that contain Downloader, Converter, Editor and another programs. Lifehack: to download just a video use downloader, to download video and convert it to mp3 use only converter, not the downloader. This is the way to use it free. Also it has a free options to download playlist - the process is pretty the same as 4kdownload has, but free in old version.

  • Yes, i also face similar kind of problem while i was using IDM, but there are some tricks that you can use to download youtube videos smoothly.