download video in 60 fps

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June 2015 編集されました カテゴリ: スクリプトのフィードバック Chrome
download video in 60 fps


  • I cannot download any video above 720p. See this for example:

    The Video provides up to 4k resolution, but at 720p, the downloader stops reporting.

  • June 2015 編集されました Chrome
    Videos should support 60 fps for 720p and above, but only if Dash is enabled (see below).


    1080p and other high resolutions are only available as separate audio/video Dash files for more than a year. You can enable this feature by replacing

    var SHOW_DASH_FORMATS=false


    var SHOW_DASH_FORMATS=true

    but you will have to manually merge/mux these files (using ffmpeg is one option).