Only Shows 360p on Mac Firefox 35.0.1

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February 2015 編集されました カテゴリ: スクリプトのフィードバック Firefox
This seems to be a recent and common problem for a lot of extensions and scripts that facilitate YT downloads... "Video Downloadhelper," "Easy YouTube Video Downloader," and this script all have similar issues. I've attached screenshots of the YT HTML5 player, as well as the "Easy YouTube Video Downloader" menu.

The only format that shows up in the menu is 360p. I suspect that some kind of change on YouTube's end (possibly related to the HTML5 switch) has taken effect within the past few days.

It might be helpful to note that even the YouTube HTML player itself will only show 360p as an option, unless you go into about:config and set `media.mediasource.enabled` to `true`.


  • Not for me.

    Anyway, the script only shows what's available. If YouTube no longer includes download URLs for standalone videos, then the script won't work.
  • Hmm... I'm wondering if it might have something to do with OS X 10.10.3. Perhaps the A/V frameworks used by Firefox on the Mac have changed (or have a bug) causing it to be limited to 360p. I'll see if I can dig a bit more.
  • I saw your explanation that YouTube is no longer hosting the 480P and 1080P files...but when I access YouTube on Firefox and use Internet Download Manager the 480P and 1080P MP4 files are listed for download (See screen). On Chrome... IDM will only find the VP9 MKV files to download. So is it only a Chrome issue?