font update issue with version 1.7.31

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i just updated to latest 1.7.31 and have noticed the fonts on youtube have all changed style i have reverted back to 1.7.30 and everything is back to normal, and the clear font style is back, is this a permanent change or a bug in 1.7.31. the youtube font seems alot harder to view in 1.7.31

Great tool this, thank you for making this.


  • nearly a month since i posted this, and not 1 reply, iam sticking to 1.7.30 as has not got this bug

    does auyone read these at all?
  • Sorry about the late reply, I must've missed the email notification.

    1.7.30 and 1.7.31 are almost identical. There's no change related to fonts, only some new video formats.

    I haven't seen any change lately, so it's probably an experiment. It would be useful if you could send this debug info: A screenshot would also be useful.