Integration with DownThemAll

About: Download YouTube Videos as MP4
DownThemAll is excellent add on which allows multi-segment downloads.

Currently if I left-click on Download video link it downloads via normal firefox download manager.

But if I right click on Video download link and left click on "Start with downthemall", it speeds up download hugely as video is downloaded in multiple segments.

DownThemAll has API to allow other extension call it via Javascript.

Can we implement it in this user script?
i.e. if downthemall is installed it should download by calling downthemall API otherwise download normally.


Thanks in advance


  • You can also left click and pick DownthemAll from the list of download options. There are many download managers and I don't want to make choices for the user. If there are multiple download managers, am I supposed to ask which one to use? That's what Firefox does. The script has a minimalist interface, no settings UI and I try to keep things as simple as possible.
  • I have tried looking for images to download, but it just downloads the tiny thumbnails and not the image being linked to. So, a 50x50 .jpg of Boulder instead of a 500x500 of Boulder.

    This is by simply using Bing images and Google images. Maybe I am missing a setting of some sort?

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