Add mp3 support

About: Download YouTube Videos as MP4
Please can you add an mp3 option? You can use, just append the video url to "" and its done!


  • December 2014 編集されました Firefox

    Maybe you can try

    ffmpeg -i "src" "out.mp3"

    I think the point of using this script is to not use any external service to do the download..?

  • JixunMoe, you're right. I don't want to link to third-party sites because they usually include annoying ads, popups and I don't want to associate the script with these sites. Some users will complain that the script shows ads, installs malware and breaks their computers.

    I would really like to convert files locally, but I'm not sure how to do this. I can't include ffmpeg in a script and I don't think I can even launch it, assuming you have it installed. Any ideas are welcome.
  • December 2014 編集されました Chrome
    Ok, then you can try with :)

    Advanced API

    Plain text

    With the advanced API you can parse the title, video length and download link.
    http :// ://
    JSON Example

    You can also receive the data in JSON by setting the "format" parameter to "JSON".
    http :// ://

    (remove space between "http" and ":")

    This links you directly to the .mp3 file :)
  • I didn't know about that site, thanks for the link. I'm not sure why it would allow direct access to the MP3 file, since providing this service costs them some money.
  • December 2014 編集されました Safari
    OK, I tried the API and it worked. I'll continue testing it.
  • December 2014 編集されました Safari
    I found a video for which it doesn't work:

    It also doesn't work for long videos like It downloads the MP3 file for the first 200 seconds.
  • dear gantt, recently when using this plugin, it works fine but just won't show file size? Is it on me?
  • @ATiGr:

    Hard to tell. Does it happen for all videos or only for some of them? Do you use proxy/VPN software? Can you download videos? Do you use the script or the extension?