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AO3: highlight tags

Configure tags to be highlighted with different colors

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Recensione: OK - lo script funziona ma può essere migliorato

Pubblicato: 24/02/2021
Modificato: 24/02/2021
works ok and does help highlight things i may wish to avoid or am particularly interested in reading, but its kinda of finnickey to edit. some of this might be my lack of knowledge of this kind of thing though.

- though the colour displayed can be changed per tag, only 4 different grouped lists (the 4 lines provided) are allowed as trying to add more lists breaks it. This makes grouping tag colours by meaning for organisational purposes difficult if you want more than 4 colours.

- tags are case sensitive. If you want to highlight 'fluff' you have to put in 'Fluff' and 'fluff' or it will miss the one you dont input.

- would be helpful if there was a way to only have to enter the colour once for a group of tags, instead of for every tag individually.
Pubblicato: 28/02/2021
Modificato: 28/02/2021
1) It is of course possible to add more lines. This is part of my personal config:

var tagsToHighlight = {"Alternate Universe":"#fda7d1", // pink
"AU":"#fda7d1", // pink
"Fanart":"#adf7d1", // light green
"Episode":"#dddddd", // grey
"Pretend":"#777777", // grey
"somethingelse": "blue"}; // named colors work too

You just have to make sure that the lines in the middle all end with a comma, and the last one ends on a closing brace and semicolon ( }; ).

I could make a configuration gui. But I have no experience with that, so I'm not sure I'll be successful...

2) That is on purpose. I certainly wouldn't want my AU pattern to match every occurrence of the letters "au". All I can do is make it configurable by tag, but if I do that, the configuration will be even more complex. Which brings me back to the configuration gui. :D

3) I see what you mean that grouping would be nice. I could change it around to allow for lists of tags per color, but that would break the current configuration already in use by users of this script.

So in summary: Thank you for your feedback! If I manage to make a configuration gui, I can incorporate your suggestions. Wish me luck.
Pubblicato: 03/04/2021
I love this script so muuuuch. I've always wanted an option to highlight tags (instead of just hiding things with ao3savior) so thank you!
The one thing I wish I knew how to do is make it so it only affects additional tags, so that it highlights Art but not Arthur Pendragon in a relationship or as a character ;A; I know there must be a difference code-wise, since ao3 gives you the option in preferences to hide additional tags so... anyway, I'm rambling. Again, thank you for sharing!!
Pubblicato: 11/04/2021
I implemented this, but I didn't post it as a script update, because the (clumsy) way the script's configurable now would overwrite people's configurations.

So I posted it as a new script: AO3: highlight tags V2. Please install the new version. It's backwards compatible and adds the option to limit your patterns to certain types of tags.

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