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BBC iPlayer - Download dei video

Scarica facilmente i video da BBC iPlayer (con youtube-dl)

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This script allows you to download (or record) videos from the BBC iPlayer service. You need to use youtube-dl to record the streams (link to official website). You could also use youtube-dl directly for certain videos, however this script:

  • works on many pages where youtube-dl doesn't recognize the stream URL
  • provides you with converted SRT subtitles on the fly, thanks to its internal converter

You are expected to read the instructions that can be found here.

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  • 4.1 — The script shows a pure youtube-dl command line on iPlayer episodes. It still provides some additional functionalities, such as the SRT conversion, but youtube-dl works pretty well for downloads now and the need for the script has decreased.
  • 4.0 — The script has been rewritten from scratch for the new layout. It doesn't use ffmpeg anymore, instead it takes advantage of youtube-dl DASH recording capabilities. The streams are downloaded in their original formats. Usually this results in a MP4 container for videos and M4A for audios.
  • 3.2 — NowBBC Radio programmes are also supported. These are converted to MP3.