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Persist Function

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Pubblicato: 07/04/2015
How to use

Sorry I'm a noob but I cannot figure out how to make this script work. So I create a new user script in Greasemonkey and use the // @require line to include this script in my own, then I try making a new paste with the suggested code:

service : "PASTEBIN",
value : "...",
data : {
api_dev_key : "...",
api_user_key : "...",
onload : function (result) {
alert("" + result.key);

I replace the three dots in the "value" field with what I want to be in the paste, then I put my dev key and user key into their appropriate fields. I then run the script on a page and nothing happens. The console just produces a message saying "missing } after property list"

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