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Faster Repinning on Pinterest

Decrease the number of clicks required to repin.

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Board search box & nicer looking buttons

I really like this script, but one thing I've always wanted was a board search box. I have hundreds of boards, so even with this script, it takes a little bit of time to find the board to which I want to re-pin. A better solution would be to add a little search box right below the pin description (on the re-pin interface) that would allow you to search for the board you want. Ideally, it would show your results as you type, so at most, you would have to enter no more than a few letters before the board you want comes up in the search.

I know nothing about js so I have no clue if it's even possible to do this, but I thought I would recommend it anyway.

Another suggestion, what about nicer looking buttons? I know you're going for "Pinterest red" to make it look like the Pinterest interface, but for me with my hundreds of boards, the buttons are a little hard to look at. I'm not sure what an alternative would be, exactly.

Anyway, thanks for this script, it's very useful :-)

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