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CH Turkopticon Page Titles Plus

Change Turkopticon page titles to be more specific and consistent, and display them as heading text within the page too. Also adds review permalinks and other navigation improvements, and shortens long edit notes.

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Many Turkopticon page titles currently just say generic things like "turkopticon : reports", or even just "turkopticon.". This userscript fixes all that (and standardizes on 'reviews' terminology in titles, rather than some places saying 'reports' and others saying 'reviews'), the same way my CH MTurk Page Titles userscript does for It also adds handy 'permalinks' for each review, previously seldom-seen without manually editing a URL; and makes the header link to the main chronological 'all reviews' page remain clickable on all pages. This script may eventually be made obsolete by future Turkopticon code improvements, but I got tired of putting up with these things while waiting indefinitely, and figured these are things I could 'fix' by myself in the meantime.

This userscript is more helpful if you're also using a browser add-on/extension that allow you to see a list of your open tabs' titles, such as Tab Mix Plus for Firefox (enable its Opened Tabs toolbar button), and Quick Tab or Tabs Outliner for Chrome. But even if you're not using one of those, you can hold your mouse over the tab to reveal the full title in a tooltip.

In Firefox, the modified page titles show up in your browser History, and can be auto-completed from the address bar (e.g. start typing the name of a requester you've viewed before, and the URL for their reviews page will appear). In Chrome, unfortunately it appears the browser History does not save the modified page titles, so they can't be auto-completed from the address bar.

Example resulting page titles include:
  • turkopticon : home
  • turkopticon : all reviews, page 3
  • turkopticon : all requesters averages, page 4
  • turkopticon : review about TC Columbia Lab by YAHU
  • turkopticon : reviews by Goldfish, page 2
  • turkopticon : review about Joseph F. Rocereto by Goldfish (hidden)
  • turkopticon : reviews commented on by Goldfish
  • turkopticon : add review about Alexander J. Morenico (A93DT0QEP6CWI)
  • turkopticon : edit review
  • turkopticon : add comment - Comment on Review about Realeyes Mturk Projects (A3A3BM3BPVAEP0)
  • turkopticon : edit comment - Comment on Review about Realeyes Mturk Projects (A3A3BM3BPVAEP0)
There are some special pages built into Turkopticon's site that generally can't be accessed without manual URL editing. My script provides titles for all of them that I know about; update: and with v1.4c, adds links to the other three of the four user content page types whenever you're on one of those pages (e.g. if you're on a 'reviews by exampleuser' page, there will be links to 'comments by exampleuser' etc). Note that many of these special pages will load very slowly, so be patient with them.Additional features include:
  • v1.3c: display page title as heading text within the page too
  • v1.3c: improve title for and add a review-posting link to 'RecordNotFound' error page for a requester with no reviews yet
  • v1.4c: adds links to the aforementioned special user content pages
  • v1.5c: shorten edit notes containing 2 or more lines (here's an extra-long example), and add an ellipsis (three dots) after shortened notes; hover over the shortened notes to temp-reveal full edit notes and hide ellipsis; click the ellipsis to perma-reveal full edit notes and hide ellipsis
  • v1.5c: if this script runs before mmmturkeybacon Add Contact Link To Turkopticon in the execution order, it changes the page-number navigation links to a version that won't trigger extraneous contact links to appear beneath them
  • v1.5c: replicate the page-number navigation links from the bottom, to near the top of pages

See also: my MTG thread post; related scripts: mmmturkeybacon Add Contact Link To Turkopticon, CH Turkopticon Blocklist Indicator, CH MTurk Page Titles

For many more MTurk-related userscripts, see the Turking Scripts set.