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Semplice auto liker per il canale russo e altri canali di opposizione :)

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This is a script that automatically likes all opposition videos (from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) that you watch on Youtube. In this way, Youtube algorithms suggest videos to other users.

How does it work?

As soon as the user enters the YouTube page, the script checks every 10 seconds (optional) if the video from the opposition channel is being watched and if it has already been liked. If it's an opposition channel and there are no likes, the script puts them up by itself.

- All opposition channels are saved in the script as an array. Simply put, these are channel names enclosed in square brackets and quotation marks.

["Алексей Навальный", "Навальный LIVE", "Популярная политика", ... ]

- The status of the like button is read from the YouTube marker. If there is no like, the webpage with the video contains a "false" marker, otherwise it contains a "true" marker.

Youtube API is not required!

What channels are in the script?

- The list includes those channels that, in our opinion, can unite the opposition and deserve to be promoted. Among them there are channels from different countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus... . All channels can be viewed here:

- New channels can be offered here:

- Some channels, in our subjective opinion, are close to the authorities, bring discord to the masses, or engage in demagogy. Such channels are blacklisted. Nevertheless, you can add the necessary channels to the script yourself.


The project is completely open source. Our own license prohibits autocratic, dictatorial, or democracy-hating individuals from using this script.


This script respects your privacy and does not collect any information.