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The Wall Street Journal - Articoli con testo completo

Mostra il testo completo degli articoli su The Wall Street Journal

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// @description:it  Mostra il testo completo degli articoli su The Wall Street Journal
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function fetch(params) {
    return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {
        params.onload = resolve;
        params.onerror = reject;

(function() {
    'use strict';
    const $body = $(document.body);
    const paywalled = $body.find("#cx-snippet-promotion");

    if (!paywalled) {

        method: 'GET',
        url: location.protocol + '//' + + '/amp' + location.pathname,
    }).then(function(responseDetails) {
        var r = responseDetails.responseText;
        r = r.replace(/<script/gi, '<div').replace(/script>/gi, 'div>');
        r = r.replace(/\?width=/gi, '?__=').replace(/<amp-img/gi, '<img').replace(/<.amp-img>/, '').replace(/amp-iframe/gi, 'iframe');

        var data = $(r);

            let hasSnippet = $body.find('.wsj-snippet-body');
            let $preview = $body.find('article section').length ?
                $body.find('article section') :

                                 .css('margin-bottom', '5rem')
                                 .css('color', 'var(--primary-text-color)')
                                 .css('font-family', 'var(--article-font-family)')
                                 .css('font-weight', 'var(--article-font-weight)')
                                 .css('line-height', 'calc(27 / 17)')
                                 .css('direction', 'var(--article-direction);')

            $body.find('#cx-snippet-overlay').length && $body.find('#cx-snippet-overlay').parent().remove();
            $body.find('.snippet-promotion, #cx-what-to-read-next').length && $body.find('.snippet-promotion, #cx-what-to-read-next').remove();

            $body.find('.responsive-media').css('height', 'auto');
            $body.find('.responsive-media img').css({
                'height': 'auto',
                'width': 'auto',
                'max-width': '100%',
                'display': 'block',
                'position': 'relative',

            $body.find('article section p').css('margin', '0 0 1em 0')
                .css('font-size', 'calc((17 / var(--article-base-font-size)) * var(--article-text-size-scale) * 1rem)');

            const $videoWrapper = $('<div class="video-player"></div>');
            $videoWrapper.css('height', '225px');
            $body.find('.media-object-video iframe').css('max-width', '100%').removeClass('video-wrapper').wrap($videoWrapper);

            $body.find('.media-object-podcast iframe').css('max-width', '100%');
            $body.find('.imageCaption').each(function() {
                var element = $(this);
                var parent = element.parent();
                var wrapper = $('<div class="wsj-article-caption"></div>');
            }).find('.imageCredit').addClass('wsj-article-credit').prepend(' ');
            $body.find('.media-object img').css('height', 'auto');
        }, 3000);
    }).catch(error => {