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Reindirizzamento alternativo open source

Ti reindirizza da servizi web proprietari ad alternative etiche (front-end).

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Recensione: Bene - lo script funziona

Pubblicato: 24/03/2023

Nice, thanks for that! Was about to write something like this, you saved me some time :)

Heads up: the code on github seems outdated, I created an issue in the repo. (v11.2.0 here vs v9.0.0 on github)

Pubblicato: 24/03/2023

@ledeniz, yeah, code on github is outdated. I did that on purpose. Now, I want to rewrite the project on TypeScript, with liner and other useful stuff. I want to do this, to code more maintainable. I don't think that will be a fast process, because TypeScript is something new for me, but I will surely rewrite it later.

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