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Recensione: OK - lo script funziona, ma ha degli errori.

Pubblicato: 06/06/2022

all websites seem to work (redirect) for me except twitter/nitter. anyone else?

Pubblicato: 07/06/2022
Modificato: 07/06/2022

@Bartholomew, Everything works fine as I see, try to install Firefox + Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey, that may be solution for your problem.

Pubblicato: 09/06/2022
Modificato: 09/06/2022

@Bartholomew, okay, now I know why you don't redirecting from Twitter, that's Tampermonkey's fault, if CSP (Content Security Policy) enabled in website, then Tampermonkey doesn't work, but if you're using Greasemonkey or Violentmonkey, then everything works fine because they are bypassing it. My script is working totally fine, just install Greasemonkey and Violetmonkey and everything should work correct! (Also by the way, you can change rating)

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