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Remove forced download accelerators, managers, and adware on supported websites

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Pubblicato: 18/08/2014

Hello! Glad you finally available here. Before, I need to google your script name to find the newest update.
May I know why you changed the script's name? Are you the same author from Greasemonkey?
Pubblicato: 19/08/2014

My first plan was to add this script in the same organization as NoPicAds, but eventually the author of this script thought that it was not a very good idea to have both scripts in the same organization.

That's why I created my own organization: (By the way, if you have an idea of a good logo, I'm all ears! ;) )

1) I changed the script's name because 'atomizer' can not be understood by everyone, while pretty much everyone knows the word 'anti'.
2) Yes I am!

I hope that there is not too much to update, I only checked a few websites because it takes time to reupload every example link.
Pubblicato: 28/08/2014
OK thanks for explaining. I forget about this comment lol.
Can you please add There are two download buttons and I always ended up choosing the wrong one :(
Pubblicato: 30/08/2014 fixed in version v1.25.2, as well with some other fixes.
Pubblicato: 30/08/2014
Just received a notification that my Anti Adware is updated. Thanks!

Thank you for a good script !! Sorry not all sites work and not all allowed with this script (on several sites I do not remember exactly what I just asked to turn off this script throwing instead of the loaded site window with the request ) but this is a problem not honest webmasters. devnoname120 thank you very much !!

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