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Recensione: Bene - lo script funziona

Pubblicato: 17/06/2015
Modificato: 17/06/2015

LifeHacker is no longer loading on 1.34.2 in the latest Chrome w/ Tampermonkey. I don't know the status of the other browsers. It starts to load the page, and then switches to a blank page. I have tested with only Anti-Adware, and it breaks the site when enabled.

Edit: I might note that adding to the exclude filter is not working on Tampermonkey. I have tried http*://** and* as filters.
Pubblicato: 17/06/2015

AntiAdware is not supposed to run on Lifehacker, and even if it did, I do not see what might possibly break something.

Can you please try to disable AntiAdware in Tampermonkey, and see if you still have this issue?

Pubblicato: 09/08/2015
I am so sorry. I reported this for a similarly named userscript. I confused this with an old userscript named AdSweep. I'm sorry. lol.

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