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Pubblicato: 18/04/2015

Pls add
Example link:
Perhaps this script can be of reference:
Thanks before! :)
Pubblicato: 18/04/2015
I stopped the support for Datafilehost because it doesn't work with my engine currently (race condition, their fault).

But I'll implement it again as soon as I find some time to investigate further more.
Pubblicato: 19/04/2015
OK thanks noname, in the mean time then I should probably install that script instead :(
Pubblicato: 21/04/2015
Yes, you might want to do this.
I don't have access to my computer for two weeks, so you might need to wait a bit before it gets fixed.

Besides, this script employs a timer, which I would preferably not do, as it's not a universal solution; it might not work depending on the speed of the computer, the network bandwidth, etc.
Pubblicato: 22/04/2015
Oh, sorry if I sounded demanding. No, this is not urgent at all, if you decide to support datafilehost, I'm ok with that, if not I'm also ok :)
Please take your time and know that I appreciate all the effort and time you give to this awesome script :)
It enabled me to avoid so many traps in those file hosting sites.
Pubblicato: 02/05/2015
Modificato: 02/05/2015
Thanks for your feedback!

Datafilehost is supported again in version 1.33.0.
Pubblicato: 05/05/2015
Thanks! You are awesome!

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