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Recensione: Bene - lo script funziona

Pubblicato: 28/04/2015

Hello I'm from Brazil and I use your script, which by the way is great.
I wanted to suggest to you include site:
Sorry I do not speak English .Thanks :)

Screen >>
Pubblicato: 28/04/2015
Modificato: 02/05/2015
Hello, can you please change the rating of your topic? For example change it to 'normal'. Thank you!

I will support this website in about one week, because I do not have access to a computer right now.
Pubblicato: 29/04/2015
Of course friend

devnoname120 = noname120 ??
Pubblicato: 29/04/2015
Thank you.
Yes, both accounts belong to the same person.
Pubblicato: 03/05/2015
Thanks noname120,
Script working fine.Thanks again for support.

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