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Youtube - dismiss sign-in

Hide the "sign-in" and cookies dialogs. Prevent the dialogs from pausing the video.

queste sono le versioni di questo script in cui il codice è stato aggiornato Visualizza tutte le versioni.

  • v0.8.4 24/05/2022

    fix for new buttons (At last! Long time waiting to see this page)

  • v0.8.3 03/05/2022

    fix: handling of new cookie dialog (2 buttons)

  • v0.8.2 15/02/2022

    could prevent pausing video in a valid situation (caused by function name modified) (you could hear the sound of the old video in the background)

  • v0.8.1 29/10/2021

    bug: race condition. Injecting the stylesheet and the player patcher could fail (on chrome). (chrome + tampermonkey, documentElement null)

  • v0.8 28/10/2021

    fixed race condition. Added new method to catch the player functions as soon as possible.

  • v0.7.3 28/10/2021

    bug: race condition. player is stopped by the dialog before it appears to the userscript. Temp solution: playVideo() is left unchanged.

  • v0.7.2 22/08/2021

    Using an argument when there is none (called by event) - my bad

  • v0.7.1 21/08/2021

    GDPR/cookie dialog not an iframe anymore
    anti-autopause works again

  • v0.7 20/05/2021

    new GDPR dialog ; better handling of player patching

  • v0.6.2 20/04/2021

    backdrop overlay has a different name. Always hidden now.

  • v0.6.1 01/04/2021

    Small fix for updated GDPR cookie consent page

  • v0.6 03/12/2020 catching new message + improvement for simultaneous popups
  • v0.5 22/11/2020 attempt to make it work on smartphones
  • v0.4.1 17/11/2020 hide hint bubbles
  • v0.4 07/11/2020 pause/stop prevention: no more exception - fixes for FF
  • v0.3.7 31/10/2020 fix "style" injection for FF, added second method for GDPR in FF+TM (works in all browsers)
  • v0.3.6.1 29/10/2020 syntax
  • v0.3.6 29/10/2020 bug in FF
  • v0.3.5 26/10/2020 more hiding+dismissing: 2 mini-popups
  • v0.3.4 25/10/2020
  • v0.3.3 09/10/2020
  • v0.3.2 09/10/2020
  • v0.3.1 29/09/2020
  • v0.3 28/09/2020