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.Discord profile ripper

Allows user to see profile icons of people in dicord server much more clearly. This mod will also resend failed attachments. Only work on the web version of discord

queste sono le versioni di questo script in cui il codice è stato aggiornato Visualizza tutte le versioni.

  • v0.19 24/06/2021
  • v0.18 12/04/2021 Fixed downloading Profiles
  • v0.17 27/02/2021
  • v0.16 02/12/2020 add sever emoji ripper as a new button
  • v0.15 21/11/2020 fixed evalulator
  • v0.14 12/11/2020 bug fixes
  • v0.13 12/11/2020 add a java script evaluator
  • v0.12 10/11/2020 add auto file upload to discord and auto retry
  • v0.11 03/11/2020 add status nick names and tags
  • v0.10 31/10/2020 fixed the commit button
  • v0.9 23/10/2020 even more bog fixes
  • v0.8 23/10/2020 bug fixes
  • v0.7 16/10/2020 added a button for profiles so it does not open a window every time your change discord channels
  • v0.6 25/09/2020 fixed the commit button
  • v0.5 20/09/2020 able to view profiles
  • v0.4 18/09/2020 now work in group chats and dms
  • v0.3 18/09/2020 added a seprate window that shows each profile with added sytles to match discord styles
  • v0.2 17/09/2020 fixes
  • v0.1 17/09/2020