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AUTOROLL SCRIPT [MAY 2021] --Auto Roll --Status Console --4 Betting Strategies 2021 --Special graphs 4 referrals --Extinction bet --Balance protection --Odds -- Increase Rate --AutoRoll Low Balance paying RP --Human Simulation --NO captcha solving --Lottery tickets --1000% & RP Bonus --Close ADS --Slower night mode --Advanced AI random times --Extra functions added daily.

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Pubblicato: 27/03/2021
Hi i got the script but didn’t work , i only have about 200 satoshi
And using the cryptotab browser , please what should i do to get the script working and what are the process and procedures to be taken?
Pubblicato: 27/03/2021


- A account. If you don't have one you can use this referreal :
- Tampermonkey, download the one for your browser.
- A Web Browser (tested on Chrome and Firefox)

With only 200 satoshi you can't use the default settings of the script because you don't have enought for playing Multiply game.

You must only change
var MULTIPLY = true
var MULTIPLY = false

and the script will work only for free claim autoroll
Pubblicato: 31/03/2021
Okay, how do i know when the script starts working?
Pubblicato: 08/05/2021
It's work? Feedback pls!
Pubblicato: 11/05/2021
This proposal looks risky and at the moment all interactions with cryptocurrency are not safe for me. It seems to me that the price of bitcoin will soon begin to fall rapidly and many who invest their money in cryptocurrency will lose everything. I agree that the bitcoin rate is very high, but there is no guarantee that it will remain relevant for a long time. Some people use bitcoin to play in online casinos and these doors are considered the most relevant. Recently I was able to participate in such games at and I used this currency as a bet in slot machines. I didn’t manage to win anything, I think that cryptocurrencies do not bring me luck.

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