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Recensione: Bene - lo script funziona

Pubblicato: 16/02/2021

Report v3.5.9

The multiply game work nice.

1) It stopped after +-650 rolls, not 1000
var MAX_PLAY = 50;
a) what time is it in minutes ?
Begin at 22:14:33 and finish at 22:23:37
Winning +- 0.00000300
b) What was the stopped condition ? MAX_PLAY ?

2) Stake was at high at 0.00000508
Is it not too high ?
Is the best setting var HIGH_LOW = 1 randomly not better ?

3) Can you add a reset buton for stats Wins,Spent and Multiply ?

4) Can you add a var price like BTCPrice = 40550.32, ?

5) Can you make selected the case DISABLE ANIMATION for less using cpu/more speed ?

Here the settings used :

var ROLL = true; // Auto Roll enable or disable. **** If Disabled, Multiply will NOT be executed ***. Override nexts.
var PROMO_MODE = true; // play faster when some promo (bonus RP or 1000% is active, or not. Override nexts.
var GHOST_MODE = false; // *NEW* Don't play in the night if no promo actives. Override nexts.
var SLOW_MODE = false; // play always really slow, not ovevrcharghing the rolls. Override nexts.
var NIGHT_MODE = true; // play slower when it's night time

// *** Bonuses
// It buys bonuses just when missing less then 20 minutes to the Roll. To avoid losing 1 bonus Roll.
var REWARDS = true; //decide if auto buy rewards bonuses, or not ***When true, it will activate RP promotions***
var BONUS1000 = false; //decide if to buy 1000% bonus or not. It costs 4600 RP. *** When BONUS1000 = false and REWARDS = true, you'll increase RP. ***
var HOURS_BETWEEN_BUY_BONUS = 0; // How many hours to wait before to buy Bonuses Rewards Promo again

// *** Lottery
var LOTTERY = false; //decide if auto buy lottery tickets, or not.
var LOTTERY_MAX_TICKETS = 5; // Max ticket to buy
var LOTTERY_P = 7; // 0 is never, 100 is always

// *** Multiply Game
// Exec Vars. **If and When Play**.
var MULTIPLY = true; // Play Multiply games or not, Play at your own risk. If ROLL is false, Multiply will not work.
var MULTIPLY_AT_NIGHT = true; // Play multiply in nightiime
var HOURS_BETWEEN_MULTIPLY = 6; // How many hours to wait before to play multiply
var ROLL_P = 60; // How many time to play multiply, AFTER roll AND AFTER HOURS passed; Values: 0-100

// Exit Vars. **First condition met, multiply will stop**
var MAX_ROLLS_AT_MULTIPLY = 1000; //how many rolls in multiply. It will safely play till it win or reach maxbet.
var MAX_PLAY = 50; // How many time maximum will play martingale. How much time BASE_BET is played.
var MAX_WIN = 0.00001000; // Target Win, Stop to play multiply when those sats won.
var MAX_BET = 0.00001024; // MAX BET reached, STOP condition

// Bet Amounts Vars.
var MIN_BET = 0.00000001; // STUFF BET to play till don't lose LOSSES_BEFORE_PLAY times; Just work in MODE = manual.
var BAS_BET = 0.00000003; // BASE BET when begin the PLAY

// Strategies Vars. **How to play**.
var ODDS = 5; // Odds of the multiply game.
var INCR = 25; // Porcentage of increment in case of lost.
var GAME_TYPE = 2;// [0-3] ---> ..(0) classic martingale, odds2 incr100; ..(1) wait min_losses; ..(2) wait_play_afterlosses; ..(3) same as 2, with min_lossess increments every play. Check guides.
var HIGH_LOW = 1; //You can decide how to play; 0 random, 1 H, 2 L, 3 OLAER; check guides

var MIN_LOSSES_BEFORE_PLAY = 2; // How many time it will play MIN_BET and lose before begin play bas_bet and double; Game_type >= 1
var WAIT_PLAY_AFTER_LOSSES = 1; // Just with GAME_TYPE=2; Check guides.

var SPEED = 3; //Speed of multiply betting in manual mode, 3 fast, 2 medium, 1 human, 0 slowest
Pubblicato: 16/02/2021
Pubblicato: 16/02/2021
*stopped exactly after 697 rolls
Pubblicato: 16/02/2021
Hi and thanks again. So,
1) The only way to see multiply stop condition, is in the logs. Ctrl+Shift+J, and you'll see what stopped the multiply.
I will add this info in some status panel in some future version. Already working on it but some more work needed.

2) You can decide the maximum stake will be bet, with the var MAX_BET
If you put it at 500 sat, it will stop before to bet 508 sat, but this will cause script stop..

3) Will do it in 3.6.x but it will be in next days

4) I really like this idea, and I already added this info and tested it, it will be in next version 3.6 :)
I take this info from same website.. so refreshed when page refreshed.

5) Same as 4, it will be in 3.6 .

3.6 will be avail in a bit!

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