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Recensione: Bene - lo script funziona

Pubblicato: 01/02/2021
Not having autosolve captcha is annoying (even though it's not quite easy as you've mentioned), as I don't have enough rp to leave the script as it is, but it does work and it works wonderfully.
Except, as I have more than 600 RP and I'm not "eligible" to get 600 RP bonus, the script can't redeem it, and it gets confused, adding the cost as spent every time it tries to do so. Seems to be a minor thing, just wanted to report it.
Pubblicato: 01/02/2021
Thanks to report it and for the review,
-I don't catch errors on BonusRedeem.. It will be fixed in next versions!

About captcha solving..
I know it's annoying.. ;/ I'd like to solve that but from js on tampermonkey it seems impossible ;(
Pubblicato: 06/02/2021
As I checked the requirements to remove captcha, I found out that one has to deposit about 200k sat to do it. That's literally one fourth of my country's minimum wage. Considering that being out of question, what would your tip to use your script to it's best potential possible?
Pubblicato: 10/02/2021
You can disable captcha generally depositing 30k satoshis, and risking them on betting ;/
30k satoshis + betting + buyng some lottery tickets, you are almost sure to unlock the account.
Pubblicato: 23/02/2021
For your information, the bug with redeeming bonuses is still there. I didn't fulfill to unlock all the bonuses, and apparently the script continuously tries to redeem the biggest bonus possible, creating the problem.
The biggest bonus before doing the requirements is 10 RP/roll as I tested it, maybe it will be helpful to solve the problem.

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