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Rimuovi i popup di richiesta d'accesso

Rimuovi i fastidiosi banner e popup di richiesta d'accesso dalle versioni mobile e desktop di Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Quora,, VK e dalla versione mobile di Youtube.

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As the name says, this script removes the annoying login requests from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube (mobile only, for the desktop version, try Youtube - dismiss sign in), Reddit, Twitter, Quora,, VK and Pinterest.

Notes for

Quora: if you want to login while the script is enabled, just go to the main page ( and login from there.
Youtube: this script works only for mobile Youtube interface; for the desktop version, try Youtube - dismiss sign in
Instagram: If you try to open an Instagram profile page (es:, and you get redirected to the login page (, this script can't do anything, as this means that your IP has been blocked by Instagram, unless you sign in. You can try a different connection or you can try to refresh your IP from the modem/router's settings. If this fails, you can still use, a site that can show any public Instagram profile without logging in and without unnecessary IP restrictions.