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Veracross CGS Schedule

Bring the old CGS schedule view to the Veracross student schedule.

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Veracross CGS Schedule

Userscript to bring the old CGS schedule view to the Veracross student schedule


  • Start times for events should be accurate. End times are estimates only since Veracross does not provide end times.
  • The schedule does NOT show events before 8:00am and after 3:15pm
  • We are NOT responsible if you miss classes because the schedule was not accurate

Getting Started

  • If you're using Google Chrome*, install the tampermonkey addon from the Chrome Web Store
  • Install the userscript by clicking the green button labeled "install this script" on the greasyfork page
  • Go to your Veracross portal and navigate to the tab labeled "Today's Schedule", then click the red button labelled "CGS Schedule" with the lightning bolt icon

*If you're using a different browser, follow Step 1 on this page to install a different userscript manager


  • Ensure your browser has a userscript manager addin like "Tampermonkey" installed
  • Re-install/update the userscript from the greasyfork page
  • If you are still having a problem, submit a github issue here

Feedback/Feature request?

Submit a github issue here