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Free Bots (Vanilla Version) - THESE BOTS ARE REAL

Free and Real open source agario bots (tags: ogario, legend mod, vanilla, free bots, unlimited, hacks, infinity,, cheat, miniclip, agar)

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Party Bots, Author: Jimboy3100, Nel
Works only on browsers Chrome, Opera. See Videos

Click here for installation video - The legit way - Proxy bots over

Click here for installation video - Vanilla agario VPN bots

Click here for installation video - Legend mod VPN bots

Click here for installation video - Legend mod PC bots

Click here to join discord room for bots and proxy servers

*For using Legend mod, disable this script on tampermonkey and install this

PC Installation

These bots are open source and free (MIT linence)
Officialy made by Nel

Install Node.js
Install Urban vpn for windows

For Legend Mod:
Install Tamper monkey for chrome browser
Install Legend Express from LM website

Download zip from:
(example zip reader: )
Extract the files on a specific folder

Open Node.js command prompt
Use DOS commands
Change hard disk if needed, e.g mine X:

Go to the specific folder where you extracted the files, e.g for mine cd agar-bots2
Type (install Bots):
npm i

Start bots:
node server.js

Search on hotkeys for more bot command, if there are not any, make some hotkeys and save
Join and click on the Victory button:
Join a party
Click connect
Click start bots

* When stoping bots, wait 30 seconds for recaptcha
** In case of recaptcha change VPN server
*** Please Respect the FFA/Experimental ethics and not use there
**** Respect the game we all love and not over use
***** Support the official game by purchases and not ruin the game we all love
****** There are many ways bots can be used: