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splixHax Vbetter

better than other splix hacks

Samuel Williams
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[splixHax Vbetter]
- Status messages will appear in the page's title bar.
- Keys:
 - F=fast mode (not much faster though b/c of server side checking)
 - G=spam mode (spams other players lol)
 - H=high mode (wHoA)
 - P=pause (change direction to start moving again)
 - O=toggle leaderboard
 - T=dark mode (dark character only)
 - Y=spectate mode (switch who you are spectating every three seconds!)
 - ESC=commit deathpacito (despacito urself)
 - E=eat the entire universe (client side only)
- Scroll to zoom
- Zombie mode when you die!
- Rainbow (UI colors change randomly every second)
- When you spawn in, you're not moving!
- Server chooser!
- Slightly bigger minimap!
- (experimental) MACROS!! Go to browser console and type "macroMaker()" to use!
 - EXAMPLE: "macroMaker([0,3,0,3,0,3,0,1,6,6,6,2,6,6,6,6,4,5],500)" (stairs)
 - EXAMPLE 2: "macroMaker([0,6,3,6,2,6,6,1,6,0,4,5],500)" (box)
 - 0=right
 - 1=down
 - 2=left
 - 3=up
 - 4=pause (useful for turning 360deg while within your own color)
 - 5=honk (aka space bar)
 - 6=nothing (aka wait) [NOTE: if ur player thinks it has died and it pauses, it will not unpause when this is run)

Good luck and happy hacking!