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Youtube - Fix channel links in sidebar recommendations

Fixes the channel links for the "Up next" and recommended videos below it on youtube.

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Recensione: Bene - lo script funziona

Pubblicato: 21/11/2022

Is is possible to change the behavior to open the link in a new tab with the right mouse button instead of the middle mouse button. (For those of us that primarily use a touchpad that doesn't have a middle button.)

Pubblicato: 22/11/2022

I don't see a reason to open the context menu for/from the channel name/link, since you can't do right-click->Open-in-new-tab (for reasons), so I just made it so right-click does the same thing as middle mouse.

Pubblicato: 23/11/2022

Thank you! It works great

Pubblicato: 16/01/2024

Due to a change in how the script gets the channel url, the channel links are now proper links with all the features of a normal link.

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